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15 Passive Income Blogs That Will Help You Quit Your Day Job

“Passive Income” is the buzzword yet financial independence is the name of the game! Many ambitious minds are keen on creating alternate and steady streams of income. And these days doing it online is something that’s achievable by anyone.

So what exactly is financial independence?

Is it the ability to have enough financial resources to pay for all your expenses?

A buffer expense that allows you to put your time and efforts into a pursuit that may not garner immediate returns?

Not having to worry about where your next check will come from to clear utility bills?

Well, yes, all this and more. Above all, passive income and financial independence is about freedom, freedom from investing x amount of time and efforts to get paid for it. It is about getting out of the “bucket carrying” mentality and focus on creating a “pipeline” of wealth.

All passive income streams take an enormous amount of work to get started and there’s no magic button. The key is to create streams that keep earning income whilst freeing up your time to work on something else.

Who to Read and Follow

There are so many influential bloggers out there today, and somedays it can be hard to find the time to read them. And I didn’t want to waste valuable time searching for them. Therefore I wanted to create a list of some of the best to keep in one place, even if it’s just for my own reference.

I’ve put together 15 Internet Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers, Influencers and Affiliate Marketers. All who have great content, killer strategies and an impressive track record. These guys are all active on Twitter and can potentially be connected with.

As a result, here’s a list that’s easy to keep in one place. Bookmark the page and come back later when you have time for a reading session.

15 Passive Income Experts to Follow

(In Alphabetical Order, No favorites here as you can learn from all of them!)

Adam Riemer


Twitter: @rollerblader adam-riemer-200

Adam Riemer developed his own digital marketing agency named after himself. With more than 15 years of digital marketing experience he is one to follow.

His website helps bloggers to monetize their traffic and scale their websites through SEO and social media marketing. There are also regular posts with useful content on his Twitter Feed.

Keep up to date with his extensive expertise in SEO, SEM, Email marketing, Sales Funnel, and Affiliate marketing.

Brian Clark


Twitter: @BrianClark brian-clark-200

If you haven’t heard of CopyBlogger then please direct me to the nearest rock you’ve been living under!

Brian began publishing online in 1998 and by 1999 had his first entrepreneurial success by using what we call Content Marketing today. In 2006 he launched his one man blog called Copyblogger which is now recognized as one of the most powerful and influential blogs in the world!

He is one of the pioneers of the content marketing industry.

Charles Ngo


Twitter: @Dr_Ngocharles-ngo-200

Charles is known as a Super Affiliate Marketer and Public Speaker. He is a “Thought Leader” and every month over 50,000 people read his insights about affiliate marketing, internet marketing and productivity.

Before the age of 30 he had created two 7-figure companies and to take a quote from his website, “It’s never too late to start”

Check out his site where he offers some free lessons in his time saving systems.

Chris Ducker


Twitter: @chrisduckerchris-ducker-200

Chris Ducker is an Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker and Author of the best seller “Virtual Freedom” He is the No.1 authority on Virtual Staffing and Personal Outsourcing.

Born in London but based in the Philippines, Chris overseas the day to day operations of his 3 business’s including a call center, recruitment consultancy and co-working space that he set up to support local start up entrepreneurs.

Subscribe to his Podcast “YOUPRENEUR” by clicking here.

Corbett Barr


Twitter: @corbettbarr corbett-barr-200

Corbett Barr is a Blogger, Entrepreneur and Digital Nomad. His website helps indie entrepreneurs build their business and offers a support community for “creatives, makers, artists, hackers, bloggers and internetters.”

Check out “The Fizzle Show” Podcast Here.

Follow his blog for lifestyle businesses and independent entrepreneurship tips and check out some his older YouTube videos here.

Erik Emanuelli


Twitter: @ErikEmanuellierik_200x200

Erik is a Professional Blogger, experienced Social Media Marketer and a Freelance Writer.

His extensive blog covers a wide range of valuable articles and resources covering SEO, writing, affiliate marketing and traffic tips. He has been blogging for over 6 years and has been featured in many articles where he divulges his expertise.

If you are new to blogging then check out his extensive step by step guide on “How to Start a Blog (and Make Money From it)” here.

Gary Vaynerchuk


Twitter: @garyveegary-v-200

Gary is Businessman and founder of, Social Media Expert and Best Selling Author. His latest book “Ask Gary Vee” is topping the Amazon book charts and can be bought here.

Follow his blog to keep up to date with everything social media and he also host the #AskGaryVee show on Youtube.

Johnny FD


Twitter: @johnnyfdk johnny-fd-200

Location Indépendant Entrepreneur, Digital Nomad and Host of the podcasts “Travel Like a Boss” and “Invest Like a Boss.” He focuses heavily on passive income.

Based in Chiang Mai Thailand, Johnny’s website features a boat load of information from affiliate marketing to drop-shipping. One of his recent projects is hiring a team of interns to work with and learn from him. Johnny’s goal is to teach the intern team to create drop-shipping stores that achieve high profit in under 1 year.

I have spoken to many people who highly recommend his affiliate marketing course : Earnest Affiliate


Josh and Jill Stanton


Twitter: @screwthe9tofivejosh-jill-200

Josh and Jill have a large audience on Facebook due to their private mastermind group which you can apply for here: Screw the Nine to Five.

Their website blog has lots of information for people hell bent on quitting their jobs, and recenty some excellent articles focusing on Membership Websites.

It’s a great blog for taking your business to the next level!

Mathew Woodward


Twitter: @MattWoodwardUKmatt-woodward-200

Multi award winning Business & Internet Marketing Blogger & International Keynote Speaker, Matt teaches you how to be an online success on his blog.

There isn’t a resource that you can’t find on his blog. Check out the tutorials on his blog and watch his YouTube videos here for some priceless content.

Plenty of articles on Blogging, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media and Traffic Generation.


Neil Patel


Twitter: @neilpatelneil-patel-200

I think everyone knows who Neil Patel is! He’s a proven marketing genius, and the founder of Crazy Egg and also Quick Sprout. He created multiple passive income streams years ago that are still earning income today.

I recently attended one of his webinars and the amount of FREE content he gave away was amazing! There were some excellent strategies that I look forward to implementing.

Check out the “Advanced Customer Acquisition Webinar” Here.


Patt Flynn


Twitter: @patflynnpatt-flyn-200

Pats website has a great collection of blog posts, podcasts and videos. All of which are a great passive income resource.

This blog is a fantastic starting place for everything from building your blog to creating your own podcasts. He is considered to be a “thought leader” in the areas of digital marketing, entrepreneurship and the digital lifestyle.

You can subscribe to his podcasts here: Pat Flynn’s Podcast

Tim Ferris


Twitter: @tferrisstim_ferriss-200

Tim Ferris is a must read blogger. Author of three No.1 New York Times Best Sellers including “The Four hour Work Week” and is known as the King of Productivity.

His website is a collection of blog posts and podcasts and if you subscribe to his news letter you get weekly productivity tips.

The Tim Ferris Show” has millions of downloads and is considered one of the top business podcasts. The show has ranked No.1 in iTunes many times.

Yaro Starak


Twitter: @yarostarakyaro-starak-200

Yarro is on a mission to help you create your blog and turn it into a solid revenue stream. On his blog you will find tips, email courses, tutorial and podcasts. He has been an entrepreneur his whole life to avoid a full time job. Which was his goal!

Check out his podcasts and I highly recommend his “Blog Profits Blue Print”

Its available in PDF or MP3 Here: Blog Profits Blue Print

Zac Johnson

Website: zacjohnson.comzac-johnson-200

Twitter: @zacjohnson

Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Blogger and Super Affiliate. Zacs website has some great resources and a ton of information.

Zac’s writes articles about his real life experiences. He will walk you through all the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. With over 15 years experience he’s don it all and is willing to share.

Check out his podcast here: Rise of the Entrepreneur

Add to the list in the comments!

I hope you found the links to these guys useful.

I cut the list in half because it would have gone on forever. If there are any relevent influencers or passive income bloggers that you think should have been in the list, add them to the comments section.

I’d love to hear what you think!

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