72 Hour Email List Building Challenge with Pat Flynn

Are you up for an Email List Building Challenge?

This weekend I was lucky enough to stumble across Pat Flynn’s “72 Hour Email List Building Challenge” just 30 mins before launch the time!

Pat and his friends at Convert Kit had planned a 3 day challenge to make people pro-active in list-building. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. For the past 7 days I’d been writing a report to be used as a lead magnet, setting up an auto responder and an opt-in box.

So I had all the tools ready, but I had absolutely no idea how to actually get people to sign up or where to start.

Pat also offered a 30 day free trail at Convert Kit. This looks like a pretty awesome email responder but as I’d already set everything up I didn’t want to spend anymore time on it. But I’ll definitely consider switching over to them at a later date.

The challenge sounded simple. Set aside 60 minutes everyday for the next three days and await your instructions!

“Over the next 3 days you will receive an email everyday containing your tasks” 

It all sounded very Mission Impossible, all that was missing was “this note will self destruct!”

I eagerly waited for the next 30 minutes to pass and was ready for my first task. A Facebook group had been set up to offer support so I popped over there and joined.

Already there were over 600 members eager to learn and build their list. Members were boosting each others confidence with words of encouragement and everyone wanted to get started. It was quite amazing!

Email Challenge Day 1 – Grow Your List to 10 People

My phone pinged as the email arrived, so I paused “War Dogs” (awesome movie btw) and switched to the lap top. It was midnight here so I was always going to be 14 hours behind the rest of the pack. But that was no problem, it was important to start.


“Take out a piece of paper and write down the names of 10 people you know in real life who might be interested in the topic of your blog or business.”


“Contact them.”

Bugger. I didn’t see that coming. Contacting people you know and asking if they’re interested in your website is quite a daunting prospect. Sure, you’re already putting yourself out there on the internet but will this interest people you know? What if they hate it, or even worse, laugh?

But when I started this blog I made a note of 3 golden rules so I referred back to them.

3 Golden Rules

Damn, the task filled the criteria of 1, 2 and 3 so there was no getting out of it. I knew these rules would come back to bite me!

Pat had offered up a simple script that we could use at first contact. So I adapted it slightly to fit my style and started an excel sheet of possible contacts. Surprisingly after going through the contacts on my phone and old Facebook friends, I was able to list 15 people who might possibly be interested.

This was good start and I felt more confident. I pushed myself to send out the messages and decided to forget about it until the morning.

The next day I excitedly checked my inbox and my Facebook messages to find a resounding ‘big fat zero’ replies. I blamed it on the time difference and checked back in with the Facebook group.

Plenty of people were having some great success. Some had exceeded all expectations and had already collected over 100 subscribers. There was a good buzz in the group and I perked back up again!

I received a few private messages of encouragement from some awesome members and by lunch time I had my first sign up from my biggest fan! (Mums are great!)

A few hours later and three more members of the group had messaged me and were interested in this blog.

Day 1 Results:

4 Subscribers + I’d spoken to some great people, made some new connections and overcome the fear of starting.

Email List Challenge Day 2 – Expanding Who You Reach Out To

This was more my style. Getting creative.

I brainstormed a few ideas of how to reach out further and settled on Twitter. I’ve been pushing hard on Twitter since mid October and had grown my following to just over 2300 in that time. You can read about growing your Twitter Following here in my Twitter LAB Blog Series.”

You can follow me on Twitter here: @eddie_t_grant

On a good day between 50 and 100 people follow me, and until now I’d only been responding to non-automated DM’s from real people who wanted a conversation. I’d already made some good connections this way so was feeling confident.

But for Day 2 of the challenge it was time to be pro-active and be the person who made the first contact.

My usual method of following back is to do a quick scan of the persons bio, make sure we have similar interests, and then follow back. Move on to the next person, rinse and repeat.

But by adapting this slightly to check out more of what they post, look at their blog, study their content and read their “About” page, I easily found people who I wanted to talk to.

It’s important to get to know them a bit before sending the DM so that you can mention some of their interests along with their name. Other wise they will just think it’s an automated DM and won’t respond.

But by showing genuine interest I was able to strike up many conversations. I learned a lot from them and found some really interesting blogs that I signed up for.

Hopefully I can reciprocate that back to them with some top notch content.

Day 2 Results:

By the end of the day I’d added another 28 new email subscribers to my list!

Now it was a Saturday and I only had to work on my day job in the morning, so this wouldn’t be possible everyday. But to have a target of 10 per day is an achievable goal.

Email List Challenge Day 3 – Continue to Grow

It’s still day 3 for me now. Pat has offered up yet more awesome content and methods to continue to grow your list including adding a signature in your day to day emails and speaking to people in the offline world. Plus a few more, but you’ll have to sign up to get the details.

I will be taking his advise today and continuing with what is working already. Hopefully I’ll end the day close to 50 email subscribers who I can share my blog with.


This has been an fantastic experience. I have already gone from Zero to 32 new subscribers who are interested in what I have to blog about. Better still I’ve spoken to them all in a chat and learned a little about them.

Having a targeted list of people who I know are genuinely interested will be a lot more valuable in the future than people who I haven’t interacted with.

I now have 32 more people who I can email every time I have a new blog post. Maybe some of them will even click through the email and arrive here. Some will share my content and then the list will start to grow organically.


Pat’s aim here was to get us off our butts and “Take Action” and he’s more than achieved that.

At the time of writing this the Facebook group is 1,529 people strong and its still growing. It is full of awesome people who are taking action and getting their blog or business off the ground.

It really doesn’t matter if you were there from the start of the challenge or not, the group and the challenge will continue.

What’s important is that you overcome your fears, and “Take Action”

If you’d like to visit the sign up page for the challenge you can Click HERE : 0 to 100 Email Challenge!

And here is a link to the Facebook group where you can request to join: Email List Building Challenge

If you enjoyed this post then please consider signing up for my list in the box at the top of the screen! 🙂


I’d like to give a big thank you to Pat Flynn, Convert Kit and everyone in the Facebook Group.

Good luck and Happy List Building!




  • Den

    Reply Reply November 13, 2016

    Hi Eddie! You summarized the challenge just right! I will definitely come back in this post of yours!

  • Eddie

    Reply Reply November 13, 2016

    Thanks Den! I’m glad you could relate to it.

  • Samuel Adeoye

    Reply Reply November 13, 2016

    Hiii Eddie, so excited already! Although I am 3 days behind schedule! BUT seeing you get results just makes me get goose pimples. As I speak to you, I am already got 6 emails already! I just started 12pm (GMT) !

    • Eddie

      Reply Reply November 13, 2016

      Awesome work Samuel. Good luck and check back in to tell me how you get on! 🙂

  • theroamingcookgary

    Reply Reply November 28, 2016

    I’m working my way through this and seeing results already! 🙂

    • Eddie

      Reply Reply November 28, 2016

      That’s cool man. I reckon you make a dedicated landing page for your ‘Store Cupboard’ download and you’d get plenty of subscribers from your Bangkok followers.

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