Email Marketing and Solo Ads: Lessons Learned

I’ve been away from the blog for the past month or so. In that time I’ve been working hard and trying out some new products to review. I learned a lot from Pat Flyn’s 72 Hour List Building Challenge back in November. But I wanted to ramp things up, and accelerate my list building for email marketing using Solo Ads.

What are Solo Ads? The Basics

Very briefly, a Solo Ad is where you buy traffic from somebody else’s established list.

Over time internet marketers have built huge lists using optins from their blogs, sending traffic to their landing pages, Facebook ads, other marketers Solo Ads etc etc…

You purchase a set amount of clicks from a seller and they will send out an email to their list. In the email they will include a link to your landing page. Once they have sent the agreed amount of clicks to your page, they will send you a tracking report to show you the traffic sent.

It’s up to YOU to find a reputable and reliable seller with a fresh list of contacts who are related to your niche.

From what I’d read on the Warrior forum, this would be a daunting task with many pitfalls and unscrupulous sellers.

How to Find and Trust a Seller?

I’ve read a few different tactics on this and here’s what I gathered from all of them;

  • Search “Solo Ad Directories” on Google, Search Solo Ad groups on Facebook,
  • Look for good opt-in rates higher than 40%,
  • Make sure the seller has good written reviews,
  • Make sure the seller has video reviews,
  • Check that the seller has Facebook or Skype contact details,
  • Ask the seller if their list is “Fresh”,
  • Ask what traffic sources they use to build their list.

But to be honest, reviews can be purchased and the seller could tell you whatever you want to hear. So my gut tells me to go on reputation. Search the sellers name on Google, Warrior Forum and Digital Point Forum and see if they have a good reputation.

When I began researching, I was lucky enough to find Andrea Fulton from Smokin Hot Solos. She has been in the business for over 6 years and provides some great information for beginners on what to look for in a seller, how the system works and how much to pay per click.

I signed up to her list for updates and made a plan to study sales funnels and commit to my first solo ads through her within the next month.

Paid Courses

I wanted to take a paid course and I found this WSO by Paul Nicholls

Click Here–> “How to set up a profitable solo ad traffic campaign”

This was an excellent course on email marketing and solo ads. A 1hr 30min training video that is presented in a genuine style. At only $5.36 it also great value for money.

After completing the course, I set up my first landing page using OptimizePress and constructed a quality “Give-Away” by combining a few paid PLR’s. Then I used some examples of email swipes to write out an auto-responder series. I was now ready to purchase my first set of solo ads.

That day I received an email from Andrea saying that she’d set up a new Solo Ad website called Dedicated Email Advertising and that she’d partnered with Bill Guthrie.

Well I knew that name straight away. I’d followed Bill Guthrie’s posts on the Warrior Forum back from 2011 when he’d first quit his job to become a full time internet marketer. I’d even bought one of my first WSO’s from him – “WSO Cash Quadrant” 

At the time my wife and I had just bought our first house and were planning a family,  so I could relate to his story. (minus the massive success his was having online)

Bill and Andrea were also offering a paid course called “How to Make Money with Emails” based around the launch of their new site. The course was $10 and I wanted to learn thier methods.

How to Make Money with Emails Course

I love no fluff courses that are concise and you can take action along the way. And thats exactly what this is.

There are 16 videos with some great bonuses, plus a turnkey campaign that you can implement right away.

The entire course can be completed in under 48 hours including setting up your landing page and email series. And you can be sending traffic and making money within 72 hours.

For my first batch of traffic I ordered 100 clicks – 85% Tier One Traffic at $70 through Dedicated Emil Advertising at $70.

I got exactly what I paid for and I received a 53% opt-in on my landing page. This felt pretty good considering some of the reviews of other sellers on Facebook who are over the moon with 46%.

My second order I got a 56% opt-in rate which was awesome.

I made a few mistakes with the set-up along the way. After purchasing the traffic both Bill and Andrea were available on Live Chat to help me iron them out and analyze the results. They went above and beyond my expectations. I’ll go through my mistakes at the end of the post.

Essentials Tools + Set Up Costs for Email Marketing and Solo Ads

Here are a few essential you’ll need and the costs involved to get started with Email Marketing and Solo Ads.

If you don’t have a web address or hosting then you’ll need them for this or any kind of internet marketing.

For Email Marketing and Solo Ads

So for $94.59 you can be all set-up and earning money before your free trails end.

Helpful Tips

Here are some tips that I’ve learned along the way for email marketing and solo ads. These will help you be successful and ad value for your customers.

– Track Track Track Track Track Track

Track absolutely everything including your Landing Pages, Affiliate Links, Links in your Emails and Email Open Rates. I’d track my own farts if I could! (seriously if someone has an app for this then leave a link in the comments below)

– Make Sure Your Landing Pages are Mobile Optimized

A huge percentage of visitors will view your landing page on their mobile. Make sure the landing page has a responsive design function and is mobile optimized. OptimizePress takes care of this.

– Promote Quality Products

Only promote high quality products to your list that will add value to their lives. Do your research into every product you plan on promoting or even better, BUY THE PRODUCT and test it out first!

– Leave a Note When You Apply to Promote Products

On JVZoo and WarriorPlus, a lot of vendors may decline your application if you have below 25-50 Sales. When you apply leave them a message addressed to them saying something along the lines of:

“Hi {insert vendors name},

I would like to promote your product to my list. I’m aware that I don’t have enough sales to meet your requirements and I am happy to be on delayed commissions.


{Insert Your Name}”

This won’t guarantee you getting accepted with all vendors but I had plenty of success in the beginning.

– Take Action

I say this every time but you must take action. Taking action gives me a buzz and although it can feel uncomfortable, you are learning something new and it will get easier with time.

Learn from My Mistakes

As promised here are the blunders that I made with my autoresponders initial testing.

  • Use Single Opt-in Webforms

At the start I had GetResponse set to Double Opt-in. This is fine for gathering emails from your blog but if your’re paying for traffic use Single-Optin.

  • Name Your Autoresponder Appropriately

The section that says “This is for your reference only and will not be shown to your list” was sent to my list when I used double opt-in. I had also named it something un-apealing like “solo-add-list-2017”

  • Compose “HTML” emails and avoid “Plain Text”

If you use plain text email in your autoresponder, the amount of opens can’t be tracked. And you know how important tracking is!

  • Only choose GetResponse, AWeber or Sendlane as your autoresponder provider.

If you plan on sending affiliate links in your emails, other providers will ban you without notice.

Final Thoughts

I am very happy that I branched out into Email Marketing and Solo Ads. I’ve heard the words “the Money is in the list!” a million times and now I understand why. Growing your list is pretty much essential for a successful online business.

I hope you found this post useful and it can help you grow your list with Solo Ads. I’d love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment below and join my list for more updates!


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