Tweet Like a Boss: Episode 1 – Growing a ‘Targeted’ Following

Welcome to my new blog series, Tweet Like A Boss, or Tweet LAB for short.

Here I’ll be sharing tips, techniques and strategies on how to grow your Twitter following and drive targeted traffic to your blog or website. In no time at all you’ll be mastering the Twitosphere, “Like a Boss.”

So the aim of the game is sending as much targeted traffic as possible to your website. And to do that there are two main ingredients that you’ll need.

  1. A Targeted Following,
  2. High Quality Content!

In this episode we are going to start with an easy technique to grow your Targeted Following.

Now the easiest way to get a following is to start following other people and hope that they’ll follow you back. You don’t need to hope too hard because there’s an un-written rule of thumb; approximately 25-30% of the people you follow will follow you back.

But you don’t want just anybody following you back, that would be useless. There’s no point in getting a following of people interested in rock climbing if your tweets are about baking cakes!

There have been many “Twitter Sniper” tutorials that tell you to just follow your competitors followers but we are looking for active people who will engage with you.

The three criteria of followers that your looking for are:

  • People interested in your niche,
  • Followers who will engage with your tweets,
  • Active recently on twitter.

If you haven’t picked you’re niche yet then download “The Truth About Niches!” below.

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The first step is to target people in your niche.

Step 1 – Finding Influencers

To start with make a list of the Top 20 bloggers and infulencers in your niche.

We are going to add each name and the details to this excel sheet in the next step.

Tweet Like a Boss Cheat Sheet

Head over to Google and start looking for “Best of [Your Niche] 2016” Lists. There are plenty of them about.

You don’t need research this too deeply. We are not looking for a definitive “The Best In the World Ever” list of people.

As long as they are an authority person in your niche they should have an engaged Twitter following.

To Find them try typing these search terms into google and insert your own keyword.

  • Best [your keyword] blogs”
  • “Best [your keyword] blogs” + current year
  • intitle: best blogs + your keyword

Step 2 – Add Their Details to the Excel Sheet

Add the 20 people you found and their details to this excel sheet.

I’ve created an Excel Sheet for you which you can download below or just create your own simple list.

[sociallocker id=263]Click HERE to Download Your Free Twitter Cheat Sheet[/sociallocker]

Here are some tips on how to find their details.

A) The quickest way in most cases is to search on Google by typing:

  • “Influencers Name” + Twitter
  • “Blog Name” + Twitter

Tweet Like a Boss google-seach


B) Search their website for the Social Media “Follow” Section

Tweet Like a Boss socialmedia-follow

C) Go to their “About Page” and look for Twitter Handles

Tweet Like a Boss about-follow

You can normally find their email address when you sign up for their newsletter. After signing up you’ll receive an auto-response email and that will be one you can use.

Having their email address isn’t necessary for what we are doing today but it may come in handy in the future. And while you’re here you may as well grab it.

Step 3 – Get Your Hashtags!

Next we will head over to Hashtagify.me to find the top 10 trending hashtags in your niche.

  1. Choose a keyword related to your niche and enter it into the Search #Tag bar and hit search. Tweet Like a Boss seach-tag
  2. Look underneath the word cloud/spider and switch from “Basic Mode” to “Table Mode”Tweet Like a Boss table-mode
  3. Check the box in the top left corner of the table to select all of the hashtags. Then hit “Copy”Tweet Like a Boss copy

This will bring up a pop up box containing all the hashtags. Highlight and copy them.

Tweet Like a Boss cop-box

And paste them in the “Hashtag Box” in the Excel Sheet.

Tweet Like a Boss hastag-box

You know what, if you didn’t download the Cheat Sheet the first time then now would be a good time to do it. Here it is again.

[sociallocker id=306]Click HERE to Download Your Free Twitter Cheat Sheet[/sociallocker]

Step 4 – The Advanced Twitter Search Function

Now for the fun part we are going to get meaty and start following some users. If you’ve never used it before, click here for the Advanced Twitter Search Function.

This is by far the best way to search Twitter and there are so many cool options, but today we are only going to look at a couple.

  1. “To These Accounts”

To start off with go to the first person on your “Competitors List” from Step 2.

Copy and paste their Twitter Handle into the section labeled “To These Accounts” and hit “searchTweet Like a Boss to-these-people

What this will do is find users who are actively sending Tweets to the influencer that you are targeting. This means that they are interested in your niche, and also that they get involved in conversations.

That is the key to this as many people on Twitter are just dormant and only read what others post.

We want the Tweeters who get involved!

Tweet Like a Boss follow-1

Now you could just go ahead and follow all the people that come up in the search results.

I do this quite often and will normally limit myself to following 200/300 people in 1 day, or as far back as 2 months in the past.

Note: As you scroll down you will see how long ago the tweet was tweeted, remember we are looking for “Recent” “Active” followers.

But I like to take this one step further and target the followers with a high powered imaginary internet laser!

Go back to the Advanced Search Function. Add in the Influencer that you are targeting into “To These Accounts” and then copy the “Hashtags” that you saved earlier and paste them into the “These Hashtags” section.

Tweet Like a Boss follow-2

This will now bring up a list of Highly Targeted, Active users who have Posted Recently.

Tweet Like a Boss follow-3

Hit “Latest” and scroll down the list following everybody you see!

Rinse and Repeat

Once you have followed every person on that list, move onto the next influencer on the excel sheet and do the same searches and use the same hashtags.

You can always add new influencers and hashtags to your excel sheet when you have time.

How Many to Follow and Unfollow?

There are algorithms on Twitter to keep you from Following and Unfollowing too many people. There are no clear guidelines on the exact numbers in the Twitter rules but they want everything to be as organic as possible.

I’ve read some bloggers saying you can follow up to 600 people. This would become very time consuming and could push you close to the limits.

The last thing you want is to end up in Twitter Jail, so it’s always a good idea to read the guidelines for yourself: Twitter Guidelines.

Here are the rules I set for myself:

  • Follow between 200 and 300 in one day,
  • Give them at least a week to follow you back before Unfollowing them,
  • Unfollow no more than 200 in one day,
  • Be social and interact with the new people who follow you.

By sticking to my own guidelines I’ve never ended up in trouble with the Twitter Police and I usually receive between 50 and 100 new followers per day.

If this method is working for you or you have something you’d like to add, then leave a message in the comments below, I’d love to read them.

In Episode 2 I’ll be talking about the next step, driving your followers to your blog or website!

Because it’s no good having all these awesome followers if you’ve got no where to send them.

Stay Tuned!

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